First Update Of The Year 2011

Happy New Year fellow patch collectors! It’s almost the end of January and I haven’t had any updates. I didn’t do any updates in December either, that is always a crazy month around here. Many patches have come and gone already this year, so be sure to check in often for patches that you have been looking for. I have just recently added some SPACE related patches, so check those out. I will also be adding some auctions to EBAY in the next day or so. Many NATO and Non-US patches. Thanks to all that make RADMANPATCHES their source for military collectable patches!


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Site Up and Running

All the updates are complete and the site is up and running. I have a new gallery of Pilot Training patches. They are class and flight related patches. There are yet still a few more to add. Because new patches are added and sold every week, and because most are one of a kind, I don’t have a cart system or check out, just contact me with what you are interested in, and we can work out the details. Email me if you have any questions!


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Galleries Update

The final gallery updates are being done, so it won’t be long before the site is up and running again. I’ve changed out a few pictures and added the updates page. I can update you just as I am doing now. I have also added a Pilot Training, where I am going to add about 50-100 patches that are class and flight related. I am also adding an unknowns, where I will post some patches that I am looking to get identified. Feel free to check in and email me any comments or questions.

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Payment Methods

I prefer Paypal or money orders for payment. I will also accept checks, but I will have to wait to ship until the payment clears. Sorry, I do not accept credit cards. Let me know if you have any questions.

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New Patch 1 Combat Evaluation Group

Nice new 60′s era original-10.00

Just got this from a former pilots estate.

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New Patch 40 Bombardment Wing

Nice original from a pilots estate-20.00

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Hello fellow patch collectors!

Here is my new “Updates” page where I’ll let you know of any new patches I acquire for trade or sale, this won’t show them all, but of some of the more unique that are newly available. There are many patches that come and go every week, so be sure to search the gallery for something particular that you are looking for.

This space is intended for the sole purpose of letting me update all of you on what’s new and happening at Radman Patches.

To all my patrons, thank you very much for making Radman Patches a leading source for original Air Force and other military patches.

 Mark Barilovich

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